'Maria's Mansion'

At your disposal:

  • 5 mountain bikes ($ 10 per day);
  • Sauna heated with firewood (2 hours up to 6 people);
  • Russian billiard;
  • Table tennis, badminton, frisbee, darts, board games, etc. (included in accommodation price);

For those who like travelling:
You can find the following sights nearby the house:

  • Mir Castle (25 km);
  • Radziwill ancient mansion with garden complex, town hall in Niasvizh (40 km);
  • House-Museum of Belarusian poet, Yakub Kolas (20 km);
  • Neman glass-ware factory;
  • Castle ruins in Novogrudok (50 km);
  • Dzerzhinovo memorial (25 km);
  • Orthodox and Catholic churches in Ivenets (40 km);
  • Castle of Lida with medieval tournaments (120 km),
  • … and much more!

We travel a lot, and we can share information about interesting but little-known places with you.

For instance, in 40 km from the house you will find the ‘Vialikia Lipki’ mansion, with an old school building, cellars and stables. And in 80 km there is a wooden mansion and tomb of Tadeush Reitan (Belarusian nobleman) in Grushevka village.

By going for a cycling tour you will get the opportunity to see picturesque places of the Neman river valley (‘Paniamonne’ in Belarusian), as well as historical and cultural sights of our area.

For example, in the neighboring village Zhukov Borok (founded in 1510), there is an old stone mill with an interesting history. According to some evidences, nearby, on the banks the Neman river, there was an early man site and ancient graves.
Mir castle Mir castle Mansion in Grushevka Wing of the mansion in Grushevka mansion in Vyalikija Lipki mansion in Vyalikija Lipki mansion in Vyalikija Lipki burial vault of Tadeush Reytan