'Maria's Mansion'

Welcome to the "Maria's Mansion"!

What is your first association with Belarus? Surprisingly enough, people are unfamiliar with our country, even though it lies at the very heart of Europe.

Did you know, for instance, that 40% of Belarusian territory is covered with forests, or that there are 11.000 lakes and numerous rivers and streams, which create unique environment?

Agritourism is a new field, when leisure facilities are offered in traditional environment of the country.

Staying in "Maria’s mansion" (rus. "Машин Хутор") you will familiarize yourself with traditional life of Belarusian village, try simple yet delicious food. We invite you to an interesting journey to explore natural and cultural heritage of Belarus!



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Take a cycling tour and discover picturesque places of the Neman river valley, as well as historical and cultural sights of our area.
Pike, Bream, Small bream, Silver bream, Perch, Roach, Rudd, Gudgeon. Try your skills and see, whether you can catch fish with hands only!
The Neman River has been inspiring poets and philosophers. Here you can capture beautiful views, pristine forest and wild animals (rabbits, elk, foxes, storks etc.).
Is there anything better than Russian wood-heated sauna? Relax, enjoy, revitalize yourself.